12 Most Thrilling and Exciting Caves From Around the World
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12 Most Thrilling and Exciting Caves From Around the World

Explore these beautiful and astonishing caves from the different parts of the world and have a lot of fun and unforgettable experience. Here are some of the worldÂ’s most famous and most popular destinations for spelunkers, cave adventurers and lovers.

Looking for some adventure, thrill and excitement? Explore these beautiful and astonishing caves from the different parts of the world and have a lot of fun and unforgettable experience. Here are some of the world’s most famous and most popular destinations for spelunkers, cave adventurers and lovers.

Prepare those backpacks, ropes, spikes, lamps and other paraphernalias because we will be spelunking the most spectacular and the most impressive caves from around the world. Happy spelunking to all and have a lot of thrill and excitement.

1.) Milodon Cave: Chile

Image Source

Milodon Cave is a spectacular cave located in Patagonia, Chile. This Natural Monument comprises three caves and a rocky formation called Silla de Diablo or Devil’s Chair. The cave is remarkable for the discovery in 1896 of skin, bones and other parts of a giant ground sloth called Mylodon. This 30 meters high impressive cave is believed to be a human settlement more than 12,000 years ago.

2.) Skocjan Caves: Slovenia

Image Source

This interesting and spectacular cave is a World Heritage Site. It has terraces of precipitated calcium carbonate which are very rare inside a cave. Skocjan Caves is a system of limestone caves located in Kras, Slovenia. The cave system contains collapsed dolines, about 5 km of underground passages, caves more than 200 meters deep and many waterfalls. Skocjan Caves is one of the most famous sites in the world for the study of karstic or limestone phenomena.

3.) Ali Sadr Cave: Iran

Image Source

Ali-Sadr Cave is certainly a spectacular cave. The Ali Sadr Cave is one of the most beautiful and most unique natural phenomena in the world. Ali Sadr is a thrilling and exciting cave located in Iran. Its walls extend up to 40 m high. The cave contains several large, deep lakes, and there is a river that flows through it. This cave is estimated to be 70 million years. More than 16 km of its water and land routs have been explored.

4.) Mammoth Cave: USA

Image Source

This spectacular cave is one of the world’s most impressive geological wonders. A World Heritage Site, Mammoth Cave National Park is a US National Park located in Kentucky, USA. It is considered the longest cave system known in the world. Mammoth Cave is known to include more than 580 km of passageway. Mammoth Cave National Park was established to preserve the cave system.

5.) Caves of Han-sur-Lesse: Belgium

Image Source

These spectacular caves known as Caves of Han-sur-Lesse are located in Belgium. These thrilling and exciting geological wonders are the result of the underground erosion of a limestone hill by the river Lesse. The river forces its way under the hill over a distance of more than 1 km. The caves have a constant temperature of 13°C and a high level of humidity. The caves are accessible via a vintage streetcar.

Image Source

The Caves of Han-sur-Lesse or simply Grottes de Han are a major Belgian tourist attraction receiving around 500,000 visitors per year.

6.) Eisriesenwelt Cave: Austria

Image Source

One of the most famous tourist attractions in Austria is the Eisriesenwelt Cave. Eisriesenwelt Cave or “World of the Ice Giants” is a natural limestone ice cave located in Werfen, Austria. This spectacular geological wonder is the largest ice cave in the world with a length of more than 42 km. Only the first kilometer, the area where tourists are allowed to visit, is covered with ice. The rest of the cave is made of limestone. This famous tourist attraction is visited by about 150,000 tourists every year.

That’s just half of the fun and excitement. Here are another 6 thrilling and exciting caves.

7.) Blue Grotto Cave: Italy

Image Source

Blue Grotto is definitely a spectacular cave. It is one of the most unique caves in the world. This sea cave is located on the coast of the island of Capri in Italy. The cave has a partially submerged opening into the sea. This popular tourist attraction can be reach by boat. Inside the grotto the sea seems to be lit from underwater with magnificent blue color, hence its name. This is due to another opening to the grotto, completely submerged, and the limestone bottom. It allows in sunlight to light the water from below.

8.) Scarisoara Cave: Romania

Image Source

Another interesting and thrilling ice cave is the Scarisoara Cave. It s one of the biggest ice caves in the Romania. This spectacular ice cave was created 3,500 years ago through glaciations. Scarisoara Cave is 105 m deep and 720 km long. It contains a large chamber called ‘The Big Hall’ measuring 108 m long and 78 m wide and is accessible through metal stairs. Other spectacular chambers of the cave include ‘The Church’, Great Reservation, Coman Gallery and Little Reservation. The temperature is up to +1 degree C in the summer and down to -7°C in the winter.

9.) Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park

Image Source

This lovely gift of nature is a World Heritage Site and one of the best tourist attractions of the Philippines. It is the most famous cave in the Philippines. Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park in Palawan, Philippines may not be the longest underground river in the world anymore, but it is still the world’s longest navigable underground river. (The longest underground river was discovered a few years back in Mexico somewhere in the Yucatan.) The navigable part of the river inside the cave of the 4000-acre St. Paul Subterranean River stretches 15 kilometers in length. It is also called St. Paul Underground River.

10.) Jeita Grotto: Lebanon

Image Source

One of the most thrilling and exciting caves in Asia and in the world is Jeita Grotto, a compound of crystallized caves located near Beirut, Lebanon. This grotto is made up of two limestone caves through which a 6.23 km long river runs. The cave contains cathedral-like vaults full of various sizes, colors and shapes of stalactites and stalagmites, majestic curtains and fantastic rock formations. Jeita Grotto is more than 9 km in length and contains one of the world’s biggest stalactites hanging 820 m.

11.) Cueva del Guacharo: Venezuela

Image Source

The Cueva del Guacharo, the centerpiece of the Cueva del Guacharo National Park, is a large cave located in Venezuela. It is the home of thousands of oilbirds or guacharos in Spanish. Declared as a National Monument in 1949, the cave is a limestone cavern over 10 km long with a number of large chambers and spectacular rock formations. The temperature inside the cave generally remains near 19° C and the humidity at 100%.

12.) Mulu Caves: Sarawak, Malaysia

Image Source

Another geological wonder located in Asia is the Mulu Caves. This thrilling and exciting cave is part of the Gunung Mulu National Park in Miri, Sarawak in Borneo, Malaysia. The cave features array of caves and karst limestone formations. Within Gunung Mulu National Park is the world’s biggest natural enclosed space, Sarawak chamber, in Gua Nasib Bagus. It is 700 m long, 396 m wide and at least 70 m high. This is the largest cave passage in the world. The cave is home to millions of bats. Other notable caves are Benarat Cavern, Wind Cave and Clearwater Cave.

That completes the list in of the most thrilling and exciting caves in our tour, one cave from North America, 2 from South America, 5 in Europe and 4 in Asia. Hope you enjoyed this. Thank you!

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Some incredible places here, brilliantly described.