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Brief overview of the country of Nicaragua, its economy, government, population, and culture.
Published by Lorena Williams 78 months ago in Geography | +24 votes | 24 comments
Names can really be a thing of curiosity. For some area, their names have earned them an uncalled-for fame for they sound dirty, kinky, but certainly funny. Some might find their hairs rising or their eyes raising, but one thing for sure, something naughty will run inside our heads once we hear their names. A follow-up to Towns and Cities with Dirty Names, here is another set of places with such funny names.
Published by Guimo Pantuhan 74 months ago in Geography | +22 votes | 14 comments
Names are at times funny and weird. But for some places, their names are more than just funny – they actually sound kinky and dirty. The origins of their names can be traced to local words for specific characteristic of the area, to the person or people who established the area, or simply, out of nothing at all.
Published by Guimo Pantuhan 74 months ago in Geography | +19 votes | 11 comments
A trip to the top part of county Antrim is a must if you love the sea, coasts and historic sites. The bays and inlets are unique and seem to speak to you, just like the call of a mermaid.
Published by Jill Vance 80 months ago in Geography | +16 votes | 11 comments
Interesting facts about Sahara Desert - a vast dry and arid region of the Earth.
Published by Nobert Bermosa 94 months ago in Geography | +21 votes | 11 comments
We all love to travel, and watching the sceneries unfold before our eyes truly brings certain feeling of peace and joy. But what if these roads are not the pleasant ones to travel? What if instead of relaxation, they only bring you to the edge of danger and fear, making you grip tight on your seats? Will you dare to travel through them?
Published by Guimo Pantuhan 74 months ago in Geography | +26 votes | 10 comments
Here are the 10 largest archipelagos in the world. Archipelagos within archipelagos which could be greater to others on the list were not included
Published by Nobert Bermosa 97 months ago in Geography | +8 votes | 10 comments
Animals are truly great inspirations that some cities and towns are named after some of them. These animals are abundant or were once abundant to these areas so they were named after them. For some, the animal name could also be the name of a famous person in the area.
Published by Guimo Pantuhan 73 months ago in Geography | +25 votes | 9 comments
A list of locations around the world having the longest place names. Some having a single word, others multiple or hyphenated words, and where known their meanings.
Published by John Smither 88 months ago in Geography | +9 votes | 9 comments
Here are some of the worldÂ’s largest sculptures/structures of insects and a worm.
Published by Nobert Bermosa 92 months ago in Geography | +5 votes | 9 comments
Do you wish to know the worlds largest lakes and deepest oceans and seas? Know the worlds largest lake, deepest lake, deepest oceans and seas here...
Published by Anuradha Ramkumar 97 months ago in Geography | +10 votes | 8 comments
The ten countries or economies which import the most oil in the world. These countries spend a fortune each year buying oil with their money.
Published by Joe Dorish 97 months ago in Geography | +9 votes | 8 comments
India's Jeevan Rekha Express, otherwise known as the Lifeline Express and dubbed by India's millions of poor as the Train of Hope, performs in excess of half a million operations around the country, a year.
Published by DeeBee 101 months ago in Geography | +17 votes | 8 comments
The question of which are the most visited places in the world is much debated. We can list the places based on the number of visitors. Following is the list of Most Visited Places in The World according to Forbes Travel as of the year 2007 (based on annual visitors). Let's see what are these places and why these places are popular among the people around the world.
Published by Amera Khanam 85 months ago in Geography | +15 votes | 7 comments
Learn the background stories of how the continents were named.
Published by Salvatore W. Delle Palme 97 months ago in Geography | +19 votes | 7 comments
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