The World's Biggest Worm and Insects
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The World's Biggest Worm and Insects

Here are some of the worldÂ’s largest sculptures/structures of insects and a worm.

Have you seen the weirdest-looking insects? How about the freakiest insects? How about the largest insects? There are also very colorful and beautiful insects. Some insects are beneficial to human being and the environment but some are also harmful and destructive.

Insects are among the most numerous creatures on earth. Here are some of the world’s largest sculptures/structures of insects and a worm.

The Giant Worm

Image Source

The Giant Worm is an incredible 250 meters long and 4 meters wide structure located in Australia. It is one of the many “big things” that can be found on this continent. It is a popular attraction in Bass, a small rural town in Gippsland, Victoria. This worm is 5 times longer than the longest living or extant species in the world - the Bootlace Worm.

The Big Redback

Image Source

Australia is also home to some of the deadliest insects in the world like the Redback Spider. A huge structure of this spider was created in Eight Mile Plains in Brisbane. This Giant Redback is 3m x 3m in size and was created in 1996.

The Big Spider

Image Source

Another large structure of an insect that can be found in Australia is The Big Spider. It is located in Urana, a small town in the region of Riverina, New South Wales. This creature was named “Not so Itsy” by its creator.

The Big Mosquito

Image Source

Mosquitoes are the deadliest animals in the world killing millions of humans every year. The Big Mosquito is a large replica of a mosquito species in Hexham, a suburb of Newcastle City in New South Wales, Australia. This creepy creature was named Ossie the Mossie and currently on display at the Hexham Bowling Club.

The Big Ant

Image Source

The Big Ant is a gigantic statue of an ant created in 1980. The structure was originally erected at the Stephens Creek Hotel and was moved to its current location – Broken Hill after it was donated to the city. Broken Hill is a mining city in New South Wales, Australia. The Big Ant is located next to the Tourist Information Centre in Broken Hill.

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Do you mean extant, or extinct?

quiet voice

For a moment there, I thought you had pictures of live worms. "o) Interesting piece. Always learn from you.

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thanks James...yes it's extant

Great article!

Another GREAT one Nobert, thank you...stumbled / retweet / buzz!

Love the photos.

Thanks for sharing

Seen about your crustaceans at Triond. So now, you are into the big ones. Great collection kabayan and again very informative, thanks.


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