The World's Largest Producers
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The World's Largest Producers

Some countries lead in the production of primary raw materials and products.
Here are some of the world’s largest producers.

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1.) The USA is the leading producer of maize in the world with an annual production of 332 million tons followed by China with 151.9 million tons.

2.) The country with the largest production of wool is Australia. Australia’s production is 25% of the world’s total production or equivalent to 475 million kg. The next largest wool-producing country is China – 18% of the world’s production.

3.) The 3 largest rice exporting countries are Thailand, Vietnam and the USA.

4.) The country with the largest production of honey is China and followed by Argentina.

5.) The largest fruit-producing country is China with an average annual production of 94.4 million tones followed by India with 51.1 million tonnes.

6.) The two largest wheat-producing countries are China and India with an annual production of 109 million metric tons and 75 million metric tons, respectively.

7.) The largest coconut producing country is Indonesia with an average annual production of 17 million tonnes followed by the Philippines with 15.5 million tonnes.

8.) The two largest gold producing countries in the world are South Africa and China. South Africa produces 50% of the world supply of gold.

9.) The country with the largest production of orange is Brazil with an average annual production of 18.2 million tonnes followed by the USA with 7.3 million tonnes.

10.) The two major producers of silver in the world are Peru and Mexico. They have been mining silver since 1546.

11.) The country with the largest production of apple is China with 27.5 million tonnes followed by the USA with 4.2 million tonnes.

12.) The largest nut producing country is the USA with an average annual production of 118 thousand tonnes followed by Indonesia with 104 thousand tonnes.

13.) The largest coffee producing country is Brazil with an annual production of 2.2 million tonnes followed by Vietnam with .9 million tonnes.

14.) The largest producers of wine are Italy and France. They produce an annual average of 5 million tonnes each.

15.) The largest car producing country is Japan – 9.9 million cars followed by the USA – 3.9 million cars.

16.) The country with the largest production of silk is China and India followed by Uzbekistan.

17.) Saudi Arabia is the largest oil-producing country with an estimated annual production of 493.1 million tonnes followed by Russia with 491.3 million tonnes.

18.) The largest natural gas-producing country is Russia with an average annual production of 546.7 million tonnes followed by the USA with 499.4 million tonnes.

19.) The two major producers of cheese in the world are the USA and Germany with an annual average production of 4,000 metric tons and 1,900 metric tons, respectively.

20.) The two largest producers of buffalo milk in the world are India and Pakistan with an average annual production of 59 million tonnes and 20 million tonnes, respectively.

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I love articles like this, full of fascinating facts, great read thanks Nobert.

We are in between the act of producing and consuming I suppose. I refer to our homeland, kabayan. Oh I forgot our stand in coconut 2nd to Indonesia.


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