Top 10 World's Largest Lakes
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Top 10 World's Largest Lakes

Do you wish to know the worlds largest lakes and deepest oceans and seas? Know the worlds largest lake, deepest lake, deepest oceans and seas here...

Did you have a look at the world’s deepest oceans and seas? How about knowing the top 10 world’s largest lakes based on the area they cover or the size of the lake.

1. Caspian Sea: Caspian Sea covers an area of 371,000 square kilometers. Few facts about Caspian Sea are:

a. It is the largest enclosed water body on Earth by area.

b. It is the largest inland water body in the world.

c. Caspian Sea gets an inflow from more than 130 rivers; among them Volga river is the largest.

2. Michigan-Huron: This Lake covers an area of 117,702 square kilometers. Facts about Michigan-Huron Lake are:

a. Traditionally, these are two lakes called as the Lake Michigan and Lake Huron; however, hydro-logically, this is a single water body that is connected by the Straits of Mackinac.

b. This is the fourth largest lake on basis of volume.

c. These were two separate lakes during the ice age.

3. Lake Superior: This Lake takes the third spot among world’s largest lakes by covering an area of 82,100 square kilometers. Some interesting facts about Lake Superior:

a. Among the five Great lakes of North America, Lake Superior is the largest.

b. Lake Superior is the largest fresh water lake on basis of surface area and the third largest fresh water lake on basis of volume among the lakes in the world.

c. More than 200 rivers flow into this lake.

4. Lake Victoria: The next position in list of top 10 world’s largest lakes is taken by Lake Victoria as it covers an area of 69,500 square kilometers. 

a. Lake Victoria got its name after the United Kingdom’s Queen Victoria. The name was christened by the first European to see the lake, John Hanning Speke.

b. Africa’s largest fishery is supported by Lake Victoria.

c. Lake Victoria is the largest lake in Africa, largest tropical lake in the world, second largest fresh water lake in the world, and eighth largest continental lake.

5. Aral Sea: Aral Sea occupies an area of 33,640 square kilometers. Few facts about Aral Sea include:

a. It is believed that “Aral Sea” means “Sea of Islands” as there are more than 1,500 islands.

b. This sea lies between Kazakhstan and Karakalpakstan.

6. Lake Tanganyika: Lake Tanganyika occupies an area of 32,900 square kilometers.

a. This is the second largest fresh water lake by volume, the second deepest lake and the longest lake in the world.

b. The major inflow of water is from Ruzizi Rivers.

c. There are nearly 250 species of cichlid fishes and 150 species of non-cichild fishes.

7. Lake Baikal: This is the world’s oldest deepest lake and takes the seventh place in the list of largest lakes by area by covering 31,128 square kilometers.

a. This is the second most voluminous lake.

b. In the historical Chinese texts, you can see reference to this lake as “North Sea.”

c. This lake is one among the three only freshwater seal populations in the world.

8. Lake Great Bear: This Lake shares the 7th place with Lake Baikal as this lake too covers an area of 31,128 square kilometers.

a. There is an ice road in this Lake called the Deline ice road.

b. Uranium deposits were found in this Lake in the year 1930.

c. Lake Great Bear is the fourth largest in North America and seventh largest in the world.

9. Lake Malawi: Lake Malawi takes the next position in the list by covering an area of 28,880 square kilometers.

a. This is the third largest in Africa and the eighth largest in the world.

b. This is the second deepest lake in Africa.

c. There is a dispute on the name for this lake. People in Malawi call it as “Lake Malawi” while many other countries, especially Tanzania call this lake as “Lake Nyasa.” In the international maps too, it is mentioned as “Lake Nyasa.”

10. Lake Great Slave: Lake Great Slave covers an area of 28,570 square kilometers and takes the 10th position in the list of world’s largest lakes.

a. This is the second largest lake in Northwest Territories of Canada and the ninth largest lake in the world.

b. Lake Great Slave is the deepest lake in North America.

c. This lake too has got an ice road similar to Lake Great Bear and it is called as the Dettah ice road.

Keep a tab on this page for the next list of top ten.

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Comments (8)

Great presentation with details of how LARGE these lakes are.

Well compilation of world's largest lakes. This can make into a good reference book!

Ranked #16 in Geography

Very interesting and informative article. Thanks for sharing. Write more!

Ranked #1 in Geography

very interesting

nicely presented article with all details about the great lakes in the world.Thank you

Great facts about lakes my friend.

Beautiful list! Lakes are really one of the gift from the nature for human beings. they may be due to results of catastrophic historical events, but they are one of the attractive places for vacations where anybody would love to go. I have been to some of them from the list. I like Lake Malawi and Lake Great Bear the most.

Yes, beautiful list