Towns and Cities with Animal Names
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Towns and Cities with Animal Names

Animals are truly great inspirations that some cities and towns are named after some of them. These animals are abundant or were once abundant to these areas so they were named after them. For some, the animal name could also be the name of a famous person in the area.

Names can really be funny. Some places have names that sound dirty (see Towns and Cities with Dirty Names and More Towns and Cities with Dirty Names). For others, their names feel like wildlife. Simply said, their names are also animal names. Here are some of these cities and towns:

Chicken, Alaska. Located in Southeast Fairbanks Census Area, Alaska, United States, Chicken is a gold mining community and is one of the few gold rush towns in Alaska. In 2010 census, the community has a population of seven people. The place was named after the ptarmigan, a species of game bird, prevalent in the area.


Dog Town, California. This is a ghost town in Mono County, California and is a defunct gold rush era town.

Beaver, Alaska. This is a census-designated place in Yukon-Koyukuk Census Area, Alaska, United States. In 2000 census, the town has a population of 84.

Bumble Bee, Arizona. It is a ghost town in the Bradshaw Mountains of Yavapai County, Arizona, United States. It is named after Bumble Bee Creek. The place was previously an outpost for the US Cavalry.

Dinosaur, Colorado. One of the more unique town names in the United States. Dinosaur, Colorado is located in northwestern, Colorado in Moffat County. It is the gateway to the Dinosaur National Monument and is known for the many dinosaur fossils and tracks throughout the area.

Two Egg, Florida. It is a small unincorporated community in Jackson County, Florida, United States. It is believed that its name is based on the egg trading for goods done at a local general store during the Great Depression.


Deerhead, Kansas. Deerhead is an unincorporated community in Barber County, Kansas.

Moose, Wyoming. It is an unincorporated community in Teton County, Wyoming, United States.

Pigeon, Michigan. Pigeon is a village within Winsor Township in Huron County, Michigan, United States. In 2000, the population was 1,207. Several wind farms have been built in and around Pigeon in 2007 and beyond.

Monkeys Eyebrow, Kentucky. This is an unincorporated rural community in Ballard County, Kentucky, United States. According to popular stories, the Ballard County resembles a monkey's head when viewed on the map and the town is located where the monkey's eyebrow is supposedly is.

Pig, Kentucky. Pig is an unincorporated community in southern Edmonson County, Kentucky. Local residents often frequent the popular Pig Diner for their home-style cooked meals.

Spider, Kentucky. Another town with animal name in Kentucky is Spider, an unincorporated community in Knott County.

Lame Deer, Montana. Lame Deer is part of the Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservation located in Rosebud County, Montana, United States. Its population was 2,018 at the 2000 census. The town in named after the Miniconjou Lakota chief Lame Deer who was killed by the US Army in 1877.

Wolf Point, Montana. Located in northeast Montana, Wolf Point is the county seat of Roosevelt County. As with many old west towns, it is hard to trace the actual meaning of the original names. Many say the most popular idea is that the name was passed down from William Bent, a nephew of Kit Carson, who spent the winter of 1868-1869 hunting wolves in the area. Some stories state that so many wolves were hunted, their bodies were stacked up until the next spring.

Duck, North Carolina. It is a town in Dare County, North Carolina, United States. In 2010 census, its population was 520. The town is popular for its beautiful beaches.


Turkey, North Carolina. With a population of 262 (2000), the town is located in Sampson County, North Carolina, United States.

Frogville, Oklahoma. It is a small unincorporated community in Choctaw County, Oklahoma. Accordingly, the town was named for the abundance of frogs in the area which can be large enough to eat young ducks.

Batman, Turkey. Lying on a plateau 540 meters above sea level, Batman is a city in the Southeastern Anatolia Region of Turkey. Oil is a huge industry in the city.

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There sure are some funny town names! Thanks for this entertaining and interesting list.

Excellent work.

Nice work as always kabayan.

Another excellent post and so well researched. I am thinking of names in France, Lyon comes to my mind, though it is not exactly the same spelling. Good job again, my friend!

This was another interesting article from you!  Thanks.  My favorite name of these is "Monkeys Eyebrow"... love it!

Hehe Monkeys Eyebrow! Great list..

Hello, my friend. I am revisiting your excellent articles. Thank you so much for your kind words on my work. I am happy you appreciate the beauty of my country of France. Very best wishes.  

Great article. Interesting facts. Well done!


Lough out loud. What a funny names. Definitely if I have choice I will live in Batman)oh no in Batwoman) Your article make me happier! And it's good essay writing help for me, because we are supposed to write essay about town of your dream!