United Kingdom Geographical, Structural and Weather Extremes.
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United Kingdom Geographical, Structural and Weather Extremes.

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Great Britain is the largest island of the archipelago that makes up the British Isles and consists of the countries of England, Scotland and Wales. The United Kingdom consists of the island of Great Britain along with the country of Northern Ireland.

The British Isles are made up of around 6,289 islands and smaller,rocky outcrops,of which only 138 are permanently inhabited.The five largest of them are ;

Great Britain at 88,744 square miles in area - 94,600 square miles with the seven counties that make up Northern Ireland -  making Great Britain ranked the world's ninth largest island by area and the world's third largest island by population.

Ireland, which includes the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland at 32,595 square miles.

The Scottish Island of Lewis and Harris in the Outer Hebrides island group at 841 square miles.

The Isle of Skye in the Inner Hebrides island group at 639 square miles.

Mainland in the Shetland Islands group at 374 square miles.

The archipelago's largest island groups are; 

The Channel Islands - 100 islands and rocky outcrops, of which 8 are inhabited.

The Inner and Outer Hebrides - 136 Scottish islands, of which 51 are inhabited. 

The Orkney Islands - 70 Scottish islands, of which 20 are inhabited. 

The Scilly Isles - 140 islands and rocky outcrops, of which 5 are inhabited. 

The Shetland Islands -  90 Scottish islands, of which 16 are inhabited. 

                                                                           UK GEOGRAPHICAL EXTREMES. 

The United Kingdom's exteme points of the compass are;

Most northerly point - Out Stack, Shetland Islands.

Most southerly point - Les Minquieres, Jersey.

Most easterly point - Lowestoft Ness, Suffolk, England.

Most westerly point - Soay, St Kilda, Scotland.

The UK's coastline measures 7,723 miles -

It's furthest point from the sea is situated at Coton In The Elms, Derbyshire, England.

It's highest point above sea level is Ben Nevis in Scotland, at 4,409 feet high.

It's lowest point is Holme Fen, Cambridgeshire, England, at nine feet below sea level.

It's deepest cave is Ogof Ffynnon Ddu in South Wales, at 1,010 feet deep.

The U.K's longest river is the River Severn which flows for 220 miles within England and Wales.

The U.K's largest, natural lake is Lough Neagh in Northern Ireland, with a surface area of 153 square miles. Scotland's Loch Lomand is the largest, natural lake in Great Britain, with a surface area of 27.45 square miles.

The U.K's highest waterfall is Eas a' Chual Aluinn in Scotland, with a drop of 685 feet.

The U.K's largest inter - tidal mudflats, at 310 sq kms in size, are situated on Morecambe Bay, Lancashire.

                                                                          UK GEO - POLITICAL EXTREMES.

The United Kingdom's four countries of England, Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland are all sub divided into counties,some with several island communities.

England consists of 38 counties and covers an area of 50,331 square miles.

Scotland consists of 26 counties and covers an area of 30,394 square miles.

Wales consists of 22 counties and covers an area of 8,022 square miles.

Northern Ireland consists of 7 counties and covers an area of 5,856 square miles.

The U.K's largest county is North Yorkshire in England which covers an area of 3,341 square miles.

The U.K's smallest county is that of Clackmannanshire in Scotland which covers an area of just 61 square miles.

The U.K's largest city is London in England, which is 607 square miles in area and has a population of 7.8 million people, ranking it the world's 25th largest city by area and the world's 17th largest city by population.

The U.K's smallest city is St David's in Wales, with a population of just 1,800 people.

                                                                      UK STRUCTURAL EXTREMES.

The United Kingdom - including Northern Ireland -  consists of 10,261 miles of railway lines, 2,173 miles of motorways, 2,000 miles of rivers and 3,000 miles of canals.

The U.K is home to 471 airports, the largest of which is London Heathrow in England.

The U.K's largest container port is the Port of Felixstowe in Suffolk,England.

The U.K's longest motorway is the M6, opened in 1958, which runs for 232.2 miles from Catthorpe in Leicestershire, England to Gretna in Dumfries and Galloway in Scotland.

The longest, single canal is the Leeds / Liverpool Canal, opened in 1816, which is 127 miles long and is served by 91 locks.

The United Kingdom's longest bridge is the River Humber Suspension Bridge located at Kingston - Upon - Hull in England, which measures 7,283 feet long at it's longest point, making it the world's fifth longest suspension bridge.

Slough Trading Estate, situated in Berkshire, England is not only Britain's, but Europe's largest trading estate,which covers an area of 486 acres.

The U.K's largest retail park is that of the Metrocentre situated at Gatehead in England, which occupies an area of 1.8 square miles and has room for 10,000 retail outlets.

The U.K's largest man made lake is the Rutland Water Resevoir situated in England's smallest county of Rutland which measures 4.86 square miles.

The U.K's tallest building is the 50 storey Canary Wharf Tower, AKA One Canada Square,in London, England which measures 770 feet high.

                                                                           UK WEATHER EXTREMES.

The United Kingdom has the dubious title of being the windiest location in Europe, with the highest wind speed ever recorded, that of 194mph at the summit of the Cairngorm Mountains in Scotland in 2008. In general the western coastal areas of the U.K are the windiest, with the area frequently being buffetted by the strong winds of the Atlantic Ocean.

The U.K's most extreme temperatures have been recorded at; 

Faversham in Kent, England, with the hottest temperature ever recorded, that of 38.5 degrees in 2003. 

In the Scottish village of Altnaharra, the UK's lowest ever temperatures on three seperate dates were recorded, with a temperature of - 27.2 degrees. 

Mean weather extremes of the UK are; 

Coldest - Braemar, Scotland, with a mean annual temperature of only 6 degrees.

Warmest - Island of Jersey in the Channel Islands, with a mean annual temperature of 12 degrees.

Wettest - Seathwaite, Cumbria, England, with a mean, annual rainfall of 140 inches. 

Driest -The four counties that make up the region of East Anglia in England with a mean annual rainfall of only 23 inches. 

Tidal Range - The UK's longest river, The River Severn, is home to the world's second largest tidal range, which can attain speeds of between 8 - 13 mph and reach heights of up to 49 feet. 

Title image, the U.K's highest mountain, Ben Nevis in Scotland.With thanks to Thincat, wikimedia commons.

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